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    Laser Full, Radial, Trailer, Dolly

    Hi. Thanks for reaching out. My schedule is pretty flexible for the next several days. With a little juggling, I could manage just about anytime. The boat is at our house on Capitol Hill, near Union Station in DC. I imagine you'd want to see the boat in the daylight hours. Can you come during...
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    Laser Full, Radial, Trailer, Dolly

    Race ready Laser. This is a well equipped, good quality boat at an appealing price. I'm sure you'll be happy. Includes: Trailex trailer (with title) Dolly Top and bottom covers All spars, including lower mast sections for both the full and the radial sails Travel spar carrier (holds the spars...
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    Want raceable Laser, within 100 miles of Washington, DC

    I'm looking for a race ready Laser in good condition and less than 10 years old. Newer would be better. Ideally, we'd like a boat with a trailer, dolly, top and bottom covers and both full and radial rigs as well as rolled (not folded) sails. We'd also like to have a boat with the newer rig...

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