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    LASER RIGS??????? how to get a radial rig in Australia?

    NB Laser sales is actually in Gosford, not Sydney Also, Sailing Scene who are in Mona Vale.
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    Example of Perfect thread: Removing Registration Numbers

    Re: Removing Registration and Numbers This thread should be stickied for 3 reasons: 1. perfect example of how to ask a question 2. two perfect examples of how to answer a question 3. two perfect acknowledgements for answers and also feedback on the method used
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    difference between american and english Laser Sails!

    How else would new sails get to the USA?
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    hole in my sail

    Sail Repair- Easy to do or you can have it done professionally. DIY answer involves going to your local marine store/chandlery and getting some rail repair tape. Clean the area thoroughly with methylated spirits and apply the sail repair tape to both sides. Make sure you get the repair tape...
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    how much is too much wind?

    For serious racing, gusts up to 30 are the most you would want to constitute a proper race (that means gusting up to 30, not a solid 30 and gusting higher) A few weeks ago a few of us went sailing after the racing for the day had been called off in a windometer varified 35-40 knots, 1-1.5m...
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    Getting T-boned on Port

    Good luck with trying to get him to foot the bill for the repair.. You really shouldnt have put yourself in that position to begin with and you were both in the wrong so you should be paying for your own repairs
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    Getting T-boned on Port

    And if he headed up to collide with you, throw rule 16.1 in there for good measure...
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    Laser Performance Website

    From what I understand, Performance Sailcraft Australia own the trademark for Laser in Australia, so laserperformance had to use the Dart name over here to sell the boats they manufacture in USA/Europe as Laser products. They are different companies and are competing in the Australian market
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    hiking pants

    The powerpads can be worn with anything as they are seperate from the pants. The traditional 3/4 pants have the pads in a pocket inside the pants
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    hiking pants

    I have just bought the zhik shorts with powerpads. I previously had the zhik 3/4 pants (traditional style) I will never go back, the powerpads are how hikers should have been designed from the beginning
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    GBR on laser radial sail.

    AUS = Australia
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    Stupid Laser tricks

    I have a few that I do regularly: Light/no wind: Windsurf upwind - stand next to the mast, holding the mainsheet and pump like a windsurfer does while holding the mast, i just drop the tiller and make sure it can't get stuck in any direction. Nose dive reach or downwind - standing in the same...
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    buying new sails in US from Europe

    It is common practice in Australia to buy sails from APS etc. Doesn't seem to be any problem for us, but check your country's import laws, you may have to pay extra duties etc
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    How much is a New Laser ???

    Hahaha You are indeed a Crazy Man BIG BLUE FONT
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    Need hull advice...

    I would say cutting compound polish, but if it has gone 'soft' then that would destroy the gelcoat?