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    Cracking Hull

    Has anyone had any experience with a cracking hull from the boat riding on the trailer? Due to the location of the front roller when the boat bounces on the trailer it is forming a fairly large crack in the former "dry space" about 8" up from the storage area wall. Thanks for any help!
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    Catalina 14.2 pricing

    Thanks Jim. We started negotiating at $3500. Will check the sails and if all looks good I'm in the fleet!
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    Catalina 14.2 pricing

    Does $3,000 for a 1999 14.2 sound reasonable? Hello - my first post and I'm in negotiation for a 1999 14.2 here on Vashon Island, Washington. We're nearly settling on a $3,000 deal - boat is in great shape with a trailer. Does this price sound in the ball park?