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    USA 2502 For Sale

    Boat is available, located in Tampa.
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    USA 2502 For Sale

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    USA 2502 For Sale

    This boat is super fast. It was previously known as Tarheel prior to me owning it. This was Peter Breams boat. Has newer mast and boom. Min/max everything. Recently measured in at worlds and NAs. If you want a boat with a pedigree and is proven fast over and over this is the boat for you. if...
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    2535 Shockwave

    Shockwave 2535 is a fast race boat I have been racing for a little over a year. I bought the boat last year for $6500 and put a lot more money into it. I then had professionals rebuilt the whole deck and seal the rear lazzertes as well as open up rear bulkheads like the newer race boats. I then...