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    Sailing to Catalina Island - Sweet Video!!!

    I initially was thinking this video was about a sailor who sailed the trip in a Sunfish.. Still nice video, has anyone done the trip via Sunfish?
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    Help with race set-up basics, seminars, and a government requirement question

    For your registration numbers - check with your state. It varies state to state. Some states the boats are small enough not to be registered, others require it. There is a difference in the state registration (numbers and yearly tag on the hull) vs the numbers on your sail - thats for your...
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    Mounting Battlestick

    Can someone explain or post a picture for proper mounting of a Ronstan battle stick? Thanks.. -Erik
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    overpriced sunfish?

    I found and bought on Craigslist - $275 for a '74 Sunfish in excellent condition except the sail was worn, and latter $500 for a very good '76 Sunfish WITH a brand new sail. $1400 for a '70 Sunfish? Hate to be the fool who buys it and finds out later what a sucker they were...
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    how long will a sunfish last on open ocean?

    Exactly 42.3 days - then you would die. Any other questions? -Erik
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    Pricing Help

    Put it in the for sale section.
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    How will the sunfish handle on Lake Michigan?

    I would love to take my Sunfish's on a big lake.. stop torturing me! All I have is smaller lakes in New Mexico.. thank god for summer storms! -Erik
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    Cartopping Idea for the lone sailor

    yea I have to agree- the trailer is made of the worst metal I have ever seen. The axle and hubs seem ok, but the rest is minimal. But ok for some uses.. -Erik
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    Cartopping Idea for the lone sailor

    Yea thats true, but I was talking about wheel bearings as most people forget about them. As for tires.... For tires, the bigger the better, but for small trailers like our Sunfish trailers, most won't be able to fit a 13"+ tire. I have noticed I can go a little faster than the rated speed...
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    Sunfish Parts

    I don't think so, I sent him a PM a while back and no response. -Erik
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    Cartopping Idea for the lone sailor

    I have the same trailer but with the 12" wheels. Harbor freight sells both. I cut the trailer in half and put a box on it to pull behind my Harley. I have carried 150-200lbs up to 90mph with no issues after towing 5000 miles. If your pulling on highway I would go with the 12" wheels vs. the...
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    Question about leak test

    I use a bicycle pump, even if the connection is leaking you will still see the leaks when you pump it. I only pump a few times as I don't want to make more leaks. -Erik
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    Sunfish with a jib

    I'd like to see a jib put on the Sunfish like the first post said vs. completely changing to another makers sail adapted to the Sunfish. -Erik
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    How to Ruin a Sunfish Sail

    uhhh. ok.
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    New sailor in the house.

    Looks like a great boat to sail with some friends. -Erik