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    Replacing CB gaskets on Omega 14

    Thanks for the feedback. Since I wasn't able to actually sail the Omega before beginning to restore it, I am not sure how important those centerboard seals are.
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    Replacing CB gaskets on Omega 14

    I am restoring an Omega (circa 1975) and just received a new set of seals from Catalina Direct. As I have read here on the forum, the new seals are different design and materials from the originals. My questions is-- if they are installed as supplied, they will overlap each other by about 1/2...
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    Omega 14 shroud, forestay and halyards

    I have become the latest owner of an omega that has sat in the backyard of the previous owner for 17 years without getting in the water. It seems to be in decent shape, missing a few pieces of hardware that can be replaced. The boat was first sold in 1975. I want to get the wire stays and...