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    New J24 Cushions for sale

    Hi, Chris! Are your cushions still available?
  2. Lee Ann

    Great like new J/24 for sale $10,850.00

    585-455-7897 Thanks! Lee Ann
  3. Lee Ann

    Great like new J/24 for sale $10,850.00

    Hi, Chip! I would love to see some pictures. Do you have any to share? Thanks!
  4. Lee Ann

    j 24 #1556

    Hello! If you have any pictures of your boat, I would love to see them. You can email me at Also, where in NY are you located? And if you have any additional information to share, that would be much appreciated! Thanks! Lee Ann
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    J24 1730 Tampa Bay

    Hello! I am wondering if your J is still available to purchase? I will be in Tampa next weekend (3-28 to 3-31) for J70 winter series at Davis Island YC and would like to arrange viewing your boat if it is still available. Thanks, Lee Ann