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    Spring innnnnncoming!

    WOOOOOOT! I can't wait! If any Western Washington sailors notice this report in and lets go sailing!! Jim is already on board, one more and we can have a regatta!
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    Sailors in Kitsap County

    this is a bump
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    Sailors in Kitsap County

    alright then, I appreciate that.
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    Sailors in Kitsap County

    Alright Jim, I doubt there will be any developments. I sailed a lot last year and all I saw were a lot of beached boats and a sailing club. No fun Dyes Inlet.
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    Sailors in Kitsap County

    Looking for capri sailors who want to make a regular event out of sailing in dye's inlet. If you just want to ride along that would be fine too. Kitsap County, Washington State.
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    water proof compartment

    Send pictures. Is there cuddy access at all? Is it apparent that the door was removed at some point? i have a 1991 Mod 2 and the previous owners removed the watertight box and replaced it with a poorly fitting plywood door.
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    Ha! good eye, now I'm wondering. (EDIT) oh yeah it is watch the video it's real quality. (EDIT)
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    "Topping Lift"

    interesting I never knew about this bit of sail control it really is a missing piece though. I think I will rig one of these (topping lift). Great thread, thanks!
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    I will bump this for you, I don't know exactly but I think most people are able to use a normal trolling motor. The boat isn't really taller at the waterline than an average fishing boat so you should be fine with a normal length shaft.
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    Sailing Downwind

    I see now. I taught myself off of the internet and so I haven't really gotten the finer points of sailing down. Thank you very much, I am glad I still have more to learn.
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    Sailing Downwind

    Thank you Jeff, I am eager to try this now. Thank you very much. ABout how much do you like to ease the vang?
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    The difference between a cunningham downhaul and a standard downhaul is that the cunningham is designed to facilitate a quick and precise change in sail shape. Whatever tacks your jib thouhg, like i said i didnt even know what a cunningham was before a little research.
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    This was a phenomenal day!!!

    ha, i read it as knots too.
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    Here's a diagram, the cunningham is important, i didn't even know what it was when i got my boat. you can use the jam cleat above the main halyd cleat or you can tie the cunningham around the base of the vang. Hope this helps WELCOME TO THE FORUM!!!
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    Thingamabob on mast

    The only time my boat took on water was when i spent most of a day hot rodding on the gunwales. I don't know how likely that seam would be the source of the leak.