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    2007 Laser full rig PRO

    still for sale?
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    2006 Laser for Sale

    Any photos? Thanks.
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    2004 Laser Pro

    Is the boat still for sale?
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    2007 Full Rig Laser Pro for sale

    Any damage to the boat? Is there a reason the port hole is located where it is? Damage in that area? Or just personal choice?.
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    1998 Laser - Near perfect condition with options.

    If it wasn't over eleven hours a way I would be interested. Hmmm. Photos help sell things.
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    2005 Laser Pro for Sale

    you have a PM
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    laser for sale

    does that 2 covers mean top and bottom or just 2 tops? Is there only the one sail?
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    laser for sale

    you have an email
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    1997 Laser Full Rig

    Friday is here.
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    1997 Laser Full Rig

    Sounds good...
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    1997 Laser Full Rig

    could you email some photos to Thanks Where in Northern VA?
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    Looking for a Laser...

    You're right not many sellers look here, but I have had 4 or 5 emails and one call about boats.
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    Looking for a Laser...

    Still in need of a boat.
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    Looking for a Laser...

    Still looking.
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    2007 Laser Pro for sale

    could you send some photos to Thanks.