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    Example of Perfect thread: Removing Registration Numbers

    Be carefull with the hair dryer... if you hold it directly onto one spot for a long enough period of time you can cause discoloration to the fiberclass. Although I have found the hairdryer, an old credit card and good old wd40 or mineral spirits works great. Good luck.
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    Most spectacular capsize?!

    Re: Most spectacular capsise?! There are so many... where to start.. :) -K
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    Anyone tried this boat??

    90 deg to windward...... without a centerboard..... planing..??... Now thats something I would like to see. -K p.s. a little pricey though.
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    Looking to rent a Laser in PR

    I looked when I was down there and found nothing. If you find something let us know. Check out the cock fights when your there. -K
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    Winter Maintenance DO IT NOW!!!!!

    Looser Lu is certainly NOT Shevy... :) -K
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    Old Vang/New Vang

    I know that Robert is always using other boats. In the laser 2000CD he is using a rental. It's possible he was using a lender. After all at his level I doubt it really matters.... especially as much as he's sailed the boat. -K
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    Nominees Announced For US SAILING's 2005 Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman

    Go Mike Ingham!!!!...... Anyone who can win a J24 and a Thistle NAT is #1 in my book . :) -K
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    Best slogan wins a Laser Clew Strap

    West Coast Sailing....................................... PRICELESS!. -K
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    The Laser has firends everywhere...

    Better watch out... if he see's this he might eat a hole in your hull. ;) -K
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    Transom plug woes

    Go to one size larger screws. You shouldn't have any problem getting that sucker to stick then. -K
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    1)Live (The best of). On the way to the club. 2)Stained. While setting up. 3)Godsmack. While sailing. Silent reflection on the way home after. ;) -K
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    I love snow!

    Great read!!!!. -K
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    Best place to buy a new Laser sail? (USA)

    ;) Oddly enough 40 miles out to Amityville (long island) and then the 40 miles back isn't really "local"; especially as it relates to the gas and time I'm going to spend. Local to me is maybe 20 miles one way....all highway....maybe. I doubt that they are going to give me such a great deal...
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    Best place to buy a new Laser sail? (USA)

    Could be free at the local shop wouldn't matter because I don't have one around me. So for all intents and purposes the 483 I'm going to get online is local .... not just for me but for alot of people. -K
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    What chance do we have in the worlds?.....

    Campaigning a laser at that level is not the norm. The sponsorships are usually reserved for those truely talented and skilled. Not saying not to try just a little taste of reality before you quite school and run of to be a pro sailor. :) -K