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    2014- Haarstick Blade Jib- NEVER USED!!!

    Brand new never used.. arguably the fastest jib for all conditions. Sail was unrolled a few times while racing but never flown. Kris 585.329.0500
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    Super deal on some great sails! Here's your chance to upgrade to a Worlds ready JIB for over 30% off! 2013 (July, August)Blade Jib- 2 Available- PERFECT Shape, Used 2 regattas ONLY- $950 each Also: 2012 Triradial Technora Genoa- Used one season/year- more than half price of new!@ $1050 still...
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    J-24 World Championship Sails

    Used in Worlds/Pre Worlds Only- 2013- Mainsail- 3rd Place in Ireland Worlds! Haarstick "Max Power" Main= $1250 2013- Genoa-3rd Place in Ireland Worlds! Haarstick Triradial Technora = $1650 2013- Blade Jib- ( 2 Available) each one used one regatta- =$1045 2013- Spinnaker- (2 available) lightly...
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    Super deal on Sails

    3 Triradial Ultimate Genoa's for SALE- something for every level 2012- Haarstick Triradial Technora Genoa- Used one season- $ 850- just won District 7 event! 2013-Haarstick Triradial Technora Genoa( Charleston Race Week Winning sail) used 3 events- $1600 2013- Haarstick Triradial Techora...
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    2012/2013 Sails for sale

    2012 Used 12 days of sailing! Haarstick Mainsail $900 Triradial Technora Genoa $1150 2013 used 1 regatta- Available after delivery after May 5th Mainsail $1350 Technora Triradial Genoa $1700 Finest quality, fast, and made in the USA! Contact Kris 585.329.0500