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    Where are all the racers???????

    thanks for the response.......... I race dinghies in the fall , when we can't get the keel boats in the lake any more. I have sailed and raced a Lido several times and find them to be a bit awkward and a little uncomfortable. I like the way the Capri 14.2 looks. I was looking for a...
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    Where are all the racers???????

    Is there anyone...... out there that has raced against a Lido????? Where are all the racers??????? I would like to know how the Capri 14.2 does against a Lido (in a race). any info would be helpful thanks kb
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    Need racing question answered

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Capri 14.2 to race. In my club there is a-lot of Lido's. I was wondering if anyone out there races against Lido's? How does the Capri 14.2 do against Lido's thanks kb