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    forestay Hey Caerus, Sorry for the delay, had to dig out sail bag. I pulled out the jib and it appears that the forestay wire is sewn into the sail. There is a stitch right behind the wire. I hope that answers your question Jeremy
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    reply to Caerus Sorry I took so long to reply, I need to pull my sail out and look to make sure but I believe that there is some play inside the sail, however the ends have been secured w/ rigging tape. I will check it to see if I can offer anything else. Jeremy
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    Caerus and Bob, Thank you both for your thoughtful responses. I really appreciate you two taking the time to help out " the rookie" (me). Both of you have given me a much greater understanding of how the whole spinnaker thing works. I think given all the information, I will probably try a...
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    Howdy Folks, I was given a spinnaker sail that I was told would work on my C-14 I've never used a spinnaker but would like to try. I know the obvious ( used in light downwind sail conditions, used with a spinnaker pole) Other than that I am open to any info. Spinnaker pole... where to get...
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    Quality Dismasting

    reply to Cearus In reply to your previous message, I've had my Capri for about 1yr. I am pretty new to sailing so I havent had to many chances to take her out. I have almost exclusively sailed on Sacandaga. I definitley have " the bug". I live in Burnt Hills NY and am toying with taking her...
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    Quality Dismasting

    Broken shroud... Bummer Caerus, Sorry to hear about your short sailing vacation, sounds like you were on your way to having a ball. I looks like it won't be long before your back at it. The repair plan sounds like a good deal. I'm pretty sure that west marine sells a product .... I wan't to...
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    Stern Cleats

    new post/old question Howdy, Don't know if you got around to installing cleats but here is a suggestion.. on my capri I installed cleats on the bow and stern port and starboard sides primarily for launching and docking. What i used was a standard nylon cleat ... I think they are 4" I...
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    Single Handing the Capri (how to?)

    Single handing Howdy Folks. I have a 91 capri that I primarily single hand (unless I can con someone into going out w/me). I am still what I would consider a amatuer but I have been fairly successful single handing. Some things that I have done have helped. 1) Practice hiking out. ... It...
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    boat plug and gudgeons - where to find them?

    Capri/parts Hi Jennifer, If you keyword Catalina Yachts you will find their website, contained in the website is a "parts dept" . I have never actually gotten parts from them but am willing to bet that they can help you out with the plug and grdgeon dillema. Good Luck Jeremy