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    Laser Pro - 2010 - $4950

    Sounds good - where are you located in MO?
  2. J

    Vanguard 15 for sale in NJ

    I am looking for a V15 - since you posted on th elaser page are you looking to trade for a newer competitive laser?
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    Laser Pro - 2010 - $4950

    Yes it is - the price is now $4850
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    Updated Wanted Laser Atlanta Area

    Hi Jim - I have a 2010 Pro that is about as pristine as you will find. Lightly used with good sails and covers.
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    Laser Pro - 2010 - $4950

    2010 Laser - #198660 white on white with Acme carbon tiller, upgraded lines and GRP Blades. One rolled race sail that is like new and one pracitce sail that has light use. Covers are included as well as a Seitech dolly. The hull is solid - this boat has been used lightly. Would consider...
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    Laser Radial (or Standard) Wanted - Midwest

    Hi - I have a very lightly used 2010 Laser in excellent condition with all the upgrades, 2 sails, trailer and covers. This is a midwest boat about 4 hours west of you. Have not listed it but $5500 would be the price - I think.
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    Brand New Seitech Dolly $400

    Collin - Our sailing club is looking for a 420 dolly - what is the cost?
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    BRAND NEW Laser parts 15% off or more

    I am looking for a blade bag and or a bottom cover for the Laser - do you have any? Also how about the North, Used 3 days, poorly rolled (now flaked), no numbers: for $300 shipped to Missouri?
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    2007 Full Package Laser Pro, Orange Park, Fl. $4,500

    Very interested in your laser - please e-mail me at jrcrab(at)embarqmail(dot)com
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    Laser $4250

    Laser #181212 has SOLD Lightly used Laser with new lines and upgraded controls. This Laser comes with a Seitech Dolly, year-old Intensity practice sail, brand new Laser full rig sail (unused), bottom cover and top cover.
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    2 Lasers for sale - Denver - #159945@$2450, #165042@$2950

    Jay - my e-mail is jrcrab(at) Thanks!
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    2 Lasers for sale - Denver - #159945@$2450, #165042@$2950

    Jay - are the boats still available? Do you have any photo's?
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    85 laser with Kitty Hawk trailer-Saginaw MI

    Our sailing club is looking for a few affordable (used) lasers. Do you have any photo's of the '85 Laser you are selling? Thanks!
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    1984 Laser #114258

    Sounds like a good buy. Can you call me?