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    Is it time to allow digital compass'

    "The issue of cost: This is not why the class authority doesn’t want digital compasses. It doesn't matter if digital compasses are 4 times more expensive or 4 times cheaper." Not what I was told by Tracy Usher - he said it was a cost thing and strongly objected to by various national...
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    2009 Standard Rig - New - 196819

    Looking for a new boat at a discount - well don't look any further. This is my own boat purchased for the Masters Worlds in Halifax. I used it for six hours over three days prior to the event before I had an accident and ruptured my quad tendon :mad:. I am now off sailing for at least 6...
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    No, not for me but I'm using Explorer 8 beta. I can get there via the ILCA site if I go via the FAQ page, the link to works then. Once you are there go to Accomodation/Masters for the info.
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    More Info for the 2009 Masters Worlds

    FYI everyone should be checking on the following THREE websites for information ILCA event mini site. NA Region website, AND St Mary's Sailing Club Organising Committee Website Apparently the Local committee is trying...
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    Doubtful as applications actually started around Midnight UK time on Sept 15. The 35 spots were probably taken on Sept 14. I got on line at 5:05 pm MDT and was the second Canadian on the Canada list.
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    Restricted Entry to Masters World Champs

    What Tracy did not mention was that it was ILCA who messed up the Terrigal entry. The Australian Laser class requested ILCA to limit Australian entries but the ILCA President directed that ILCA not limit entries (as I was told by the Australian organisers). What we have now IMHO is an over...
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    Rooster Video

    The Rooster DVDs are available now at
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    Laser Coach CD 2000?

    Here's where you can buy it now and what Jeff Martin has to say about it.
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    Laser 98117 for sale in Edmoton, Alberta

    1982 boat, winner of D5 champs in 1999 and sailed very little since then - only three times in last two years. [b:c6f78aefac]Comes complete with the Hyde sail that won the 2002 D5 champs.[/b:c6f78aefac] :lol: Boom has been sleeved. Complete with home made pipe dolly if required. Has best...