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    rudder parts for '68 sunfish

    I have a complete old style rudder with tiller and hardware. I can ship to anywhere in the US as well. $250 email me at
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    Wanted: Laser - Within 3hrs of Bloomington, Indiana

    I have charter boats available that are 2012 hulls that I can rig with recreational equipment. I am happy to send you an estimate with pricing if you would like. I could meet you in Chicago the end of April as I will be heading out that way for en event. If you would like more information...
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    FULL Rig Sail, Racing Legal

    I have new North Rolled and Hyde Rolled in stock. They are $631 and $645 including numbers and country code installed. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested.
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    Need inexpensive daggerboard

    A new wooden one would be $150 including shipping. I know its more but gets you on the water.
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    Looking for a Phantom rudder

    I know this is old but worth a try. I believe it is the same as the Sunfish? If I am correct then I can sell you a fiberglass one for $130. More then the wood but it won't crack or need refinishing.
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    Wanted: 2010/2011 Laser

    I have 2012 event boats at good prices with new sails, lines blades, etc. Boats are in FL and MA so I can deliver anywere along the East coast.
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    WTB: Lower Radial Mast Section and Sail

    I have charter Radial Lowers and new Radial sails if you are interested. The lower would be $220 which is 20% off and the sail could be either a North or Hyde Rolled at $590 and $625 respectively. The sail prices include numbers installed. Sorry I don't have any used sails...