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    WANTED: Vangs

    Just got a used boat which is missing the vangs...I'm dying to try it out this Saturday, but I need some vangs before then! jmh226[at] or (305) 245-2079 ~Jesse
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    WANTED: Laser Parts

    Stu, Really need those vangs...I'm dying to get the new boat in the water this Saturday! Get ahold of me via contact info in above post! ~Jesse
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    WANTED: Laser Parts

    One other part I'm looking for, the traveling blocks. If anyone's got any let me know, otherwise I'll just buy them new.
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    WANTED: Laser Parts

    Stu, I actually just ended up buying a used 1995 was cheaper than trying to piece together all of the parts for my older hull. The only thing that I need for this new boat is the vangs. Shoot me an e-mail (jmh226[at] or call me (305) 245-2079 so that I can buy yours if...
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    WANTED: Laser Parts

    How much for the daggerboard, tiller/extension, and vangs shipped?
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    WANTED: Laser Parts what would you propose I do? Just look for a complete boat and buy that instead? How much do used parts generally go for? I mean I think I only need spars, a daggerboard, a rudder assumbly and a sail right? or am I missing something here?
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    WANTED: Laser Parts

    Hi, I'm completely new to Laser sailing, but just picked up a hull at a good price and want to get into it. I currently have the hull only and am therefore looking for everything else that I need (daggerboard, rudder assembly, spars, sail). After doing some research, I think that I want to set...
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    Spars for SALE

    I am interested in a full radial set up, if you've still got the parts availible e-mail me at jmh226[at] Thanks!