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    2005 Laser, trailer, and dolly for sale

    I'm interested in your boat. I live in Baltimore. Contact me at so I can arrange to see the boat.
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    Capri 14.2 Cover For sale

    Old Capri 14.2 cover - blue - not very pretty, needs repairs on the seams and some of the ties, but keeps out most of the rain and sun. San Diego $40 obo Jon Gibson 619 466 6657
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    new sail

    Jib I have a 2 year old Scott jib, hardly used. Great sail. San Diego. $250. Jon Tel 619 466 6657
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    Capri 14.2 For sale- Mission bay

    1985 Mk 1. No leaks, nice boat. 2 sets of sails, 1 for racing. Trailer is not very good but works fine, un- registered. Canvas cover. All there, ready to race or cruise. $1500 with all both sets of sails or will negotiate if you only want one set. Jon San Deigo 619 466 6657
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    Racing Sails Wanted

    I'm after some good used sails, suitable for racing. Stains etc not a problems as long as they are in good condtions, better than my 10 years old sails. San Diego area.