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    I dont have a vang on my 14.2

    Boom vang The pictures posted for the boom vang are nice but the standard vang from Catalina as illustrated in the Capri book is 3:1. Class rules clearly state that parts should be "as supplied by Catalina". So, I would recommend keeping it 3:1. I changed what came with my boat to Harken...
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    My boat came with the hole in the gooseneck down. I attach a line at the base of the mast where the vang attaches, run it thru the cunningham hole in the sail and down to the cleat on the starbord side of the mast. As an alternative, you can run the line thru the gooseneck to use it just as a...
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    Centerboard I bought a new centerboard for a Mod 1 last August from Catalina. Price was aroung $240. Jay Gross 1438