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    Texas Capri 14.2 sailors

    Anyone sailing this weekend? Weather permitting, I'm planning to go to Canyon Lake Sunday or Monday. Anyone else headed out? JG
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    Texas Capri 14.2 sailors

    Sorry to hear about you experience I think I'm glad I decided not to go out today. jG
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    Texas Capri 14.2 sailors

    Re: Make it three ... Greg: I'd like to exchange notes about sailing spots. I've been sailing this summer at Canyon and LBJ. Wind has been in short supply on every trip I've made to LBJ. Lots of boats and jet skis too. That and narrow channels haven't made it too enjoyable. So far...
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    Texas Capri 14.2 sailors

    I'm a new (six week) 14.2 owner in San Antonio. So far I've spent most of my time on Canyon. Last weekend I spent a windless day at LBJ. This is my first sailboat, and I haven't logged enough time yet to consider racing. But maybe we could meet up at Canyon sometime and compare notes and...
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    Stripped screws on vang eye

    The screws on my vang eye (underside of the boom where the vang attaches) are stripped. Any ideas on what the best way to fix this would be? I've seen on other sailboats a vang bail, like a bridle that attaches on both sides of the boom and then hangs down below for the vange to attach. The...
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    Boom Clearance

    Thanks Ed: Thanks for the informative reply. The guy I bought it from had it rigged wrong. He had the vang tightened down so much that the gooseneck was sitting on the bottom screw. Therefore there was no downhaul capability. Too bad I didn't have a chance to read this before I went...