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    Sunfish + Dolly + Right-On Trailer for Sale $1000.00 Cash

    ok, thanks for letting me know!
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    Sunfish + Dolly + Right-On Trailer for Sale $1000.00 Cash

    question: your craigslist listing for the boat says it's a 1975, but here you say it's a 1989. I'm interested in it but would like to know the age of the boat. thanks!
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    Excellent Condition Sunfish 2001 for sale

    wish I was closer!
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    2004 Laser full and radial rigs, dolly, trailer, deck cover, Long Island, $3,900

    hi there. I'm interested so please contact me at I'm here on Long Island - thanks.
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    New Laser owner question

    Fantastic - I have done so - it's getting easier already!
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    New Laser owner question

    Thanks - this is great!
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    New Laser owner question

    I've just purchased a Laser and am having a hard time figuring out how to rig the boat. The control lines and vang seem awfully complicated compared to my previous experience (with a sunfish) and I am feeling a little nervous that I'll never get the hang of it. I'm wondering how others have...
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    Complete Laser Package, #188692, $4250, Boston, MA

    is it a standard or radial rig?
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    2003 Laser complete, w/extras $3500, Boston, MA

    hi, I am wondering if the boat and trailer are still available?
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    FS: 2007 Laser XD Full Rig - 187987

    is there any chance you have a trailer to go with it? I'm looking for a full package.
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    Force Five only used twice

    What year is the boat? It would be great to see some photos of it. Feel free to email me: Thanks.