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    Yamaha 2.5 HP Outboard Motor

    Is this still available? Is it long enough for a J/24? Thanks
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    Where to launch a J/24 on Mount Desert Island?

    I'd like to tow my boat to Southwest Harbor and have her there to sail for the week. I have a mooring reserved. I'm wondering if there is a way to get her in the water that is less expensive than paying the Hinckley yard. I don't mind sailing over from another town, island, or the mainland...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    It looks like we have 4 confirmed Capri 14.2s for the Merrimac! Actually we have 5 but I had heard that Mr. Reeves had changed his mind. Anyhow, you guys will have yor own start on Saturday! See you then! -Jack
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta; Portsmouth, VA

    We need more Sunfish in order for there to be a Sunfish one design start at the Merrimac. Tell all of your friends with Sunfish to come to Portsmouth, VA and race. We need a total of 4 to get a start. I probably pass 6 Sunfish in people's yards on the way to work everyday, all we are doing...
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    Sunfish With Spinnakers

    the "Big Fish"
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    This is good news. We look forward to having you back in Portsmouth. If you get a chance, would you mind going to and singing up on line for the race? Thanks. -Jack
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    AMF Flying Fish

    "Work" is a relative term. Technically, if you sheared down the end of a long 2x4 it would "work". But no, I don't think a Force 5 mast would perform as the original mast was intended to. The orginal mast was fiberglass and very wide at the base. The glass, I am assumign was chosen of...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    Ok, at this point we have 2 C14s registered online; Bob Sievers and James Reeves. Neither of the boats that competed last year have registered. If anyone knows Steve Spratt or Karl Liebert, ask them if they are coming out this year. If they come back we will have enough boats for a Capri 14.2...
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    AMF Flying Fish

    I have a couple of old windsurfing masts. I don't think they will work though. My friend has a Flying Fish and the mast is much bigger around at the base than a windsurfer mast, at least if i recall correctly. I would definately keep looking for ways to make it work though. The Flying Fish...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    Looks like we talked Bob into driving down. So I think we can expect 3 Capri 14.2s at this point. If one more boat signs up, there will be a C14 start!
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    "recreational rig" outdated Portsmouth Rating

    I could have sworn that in the past there was a rating for a sunfish rec rig on the "centerboard inactive" list. Its not there now. Oh well I guess everyone gets the same number.
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    "recreational rig" outdated Portsmouth Rating

    Does anyone use this rating? This year we may have Sunfish running the race rig and the rec rig and I was going to give the rec sailors a break if the racing crowd shows up. Have any of you used this rating?
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta

    Keep us in mind. Last year we had folks from NJ, PA, OH, SC, and NH (she flew, the others drove). The drive from DC can be a grueling one, especially on a holiday weekend, but you might be ok if you just leave work a couple hours early and get in to Portsmouth a little after dark. It would be...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta is up and running. Information including the NOR, directions, a chart of the race area, pics and results from last year as well as links to our sponsors is available. Please pre-register. Also, don't forget, we have had 2 C14s in the past years. If we have 2 more...
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    2006 Merrimac Memorial Regatta; Portsmouth, VA is up and running. Info including the NOR, online entry form, directions, a chart of the race area, pictures from last year, and results are all available. Please pre-register if you plan to attend. Thanks, -Jack