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    TackTick Micronet Race Master for sale

    Do you still have this item for sale? If so is it the older (white) RaceMaster or the the newer black model by Raymarine? Thank you!
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    WTB: Used tacktick Anyone?

    I am looking to purchase a used tacktick Race Master unit in either working or broken condition. Specifically, I am looking for an "old" style White Race Master or Speed Master unit that works or would be available for spare parts. I need the solar panel: Sanyo AM-5D01 Solar Cell (100 x 18 mm)...
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    Sunfish Photo for Book Cover

    OK, I'm glad you found what you needed for the book cover. Good luck with the book sales and any other upcoming book projects you may have plans for writing!
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    TackTick Race Master

    Do you still have the unit for sale?