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    Are Old Lasers Slow?

    Definitely, some people win major events on some old boats. Good technique will always go a very long way on the Laser!
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    Winter Laser/Sailing Jobs

    The International Sailing Academy is on the lookout for great people for the following positions: Shop Manager Learn to Sail Instructor / Captain (Keelboat) Shop Manager The International Sailing Academy is a high performance Laser training center and keelboat learn to sail program in La Cruz...
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    Can I roll a folded sail

    Definitely - rolling is the way to go.
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    Mast rivet size

    This for sure. A rivet tool this style works really well:
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    Issues with center of force

    Use your boom vang liberally going upwind. Most people don't come close enough to how much vang is needed going upwind in most conditions. We have a detailed video on setting up the vang here: Rigging: Get the Most out of Your Boom Vang - International Sailing Academy
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    Mast rivet size

    Aluminum is what is used on any plastic fittings- like the end caps on the top section and boom. However they are much weaker than stainless, so for any load bearing rivet like the gooseneck or vang tang or the blocks on the boom, the collar on the top section etc it's crucial to use stainless...
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    Mast rivet size

    stainless steel is great - just make sure to use lanacote or some other kind of corrosion prevention if you plan on sailing in salt water!
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    Mast rivet size

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    Need laser sail. Who sells them?

    I believe West Coast Sailing has some in stock which you can buy online.
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    Drill new holes to replace eye strap on boom??

    As long as the holes aren't damaged or drilled out you should re-use them. The standard rivet size is 3/16.
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    New to lasers

    Is your tiller a cylinder or a flat carbon fiber one? The older or aluminum style tube tillers are more of an obstacle than the flat tillers.
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    Traveler issues

    Hi JBMalone, Your traveler should be very tight and of course a zero-stretch line. As others have mentioned, the smaller the triangle, the better - literally tie it as small as you can. Another factor here that may explain the difference between boat setups is the type of traveler line used...
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Our normal style is to keep the rudder down at all times and tighten the bolt. All you have to do is click it into the gudgeons. This is faster to launch, you know the rudder is always at it's lowest level, and there's no risk it will fall down and smash into concrete if the nut loosens up...
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    Newbie question on rigging/launching

    Launching in Onshore Breeze - International Sailing Academy Could help answer some questions.
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    laser radial light wind problems

    Here's two articles & videos that should help: Feeling Slow in Light Air Light Air Sail Trim