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    GO TIME! How to get consistent great starts

    hey, I might sound obvious, but the key to getting a good start consistently is having a plan and PRACTICING, it is boring and tedious, but its one of the most crucial parts of racing.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    It might be an option to possibly sail a optimist until he gains a bit of weight, the upside of that is he can race because of the size of the fleet.
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    4.7 vs Radial/Full

    Honestly the 4.7 is a waste of time, it doesnt really work with the laser hull. the sail is just too small. your best bet is radial its a popular class and it works really well with the hull. because he is so light, try to possibly rent a 4.7 until he gets older/larger, but its really a bad sail...
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    Boat Storage (Canada)

    The Key with a laser is to keep the hull dry, some people run air through the inspection port for a couple hours to dry everything up before storage.
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    It goes about the survival of the class..........

    Should i Buy a new laser if the class is up in the air?