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    Cracked mast step/tube.

    That may be the best mast step photo ever!!!
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    Boat sailed off without me

    Do you have a bow line? Holding the bow line my help in this sort of situation.
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    Towing Question- Need Advice

    Here’s the bed extender in action.
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    Towing Question- Need Advice

    Sorry I realized I wasn’t very clear in my post. I was suggesting option C, but use something like the bed extender to bring the boat home on your Tacoma This option would work best for me as I don’t like to make these types of purchases (the trailer) because I need to. I like to wait for the...
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    My old Sunfish is STILL for sale!

    Lol... I’ve gave away a hull in better shape and helped carry it out and tie it on the guys roof.
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    Towing Question- Need Advice

    What about something like this... I have the harbor freight version, paid about $60.
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    Boat Pics

    Thank you, And yes she is a ‘74 O’day widgeon. Looked like this when I dragged her home. After untangling the knotted up lines, it turned out all the riggings were there. After a little toilet bowl cleaner and some googling to figure out how to rig her, she was ready to hit the lake. Btw the...
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    Boat Pics

    Today was my first time out with “tusk” (short for Princess Tuskawanta). Also my first time sailing a sloop. She didn’t take on water and I didn’t capsize her. I’ll count that as a success.
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    Boat Pics

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    Instead of cleating the mainsheet...

    Well I wouldn’t exactly called myself an experienced sunfish sailor but I’ve stepped on, held it under my arm or held both the sheet and tiller in the same hand. Sailing with 2 little ones I find I’m often in need of a free hand or 2!!! So stepping on the sheet with my other leg over the tiller...
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    rollers and/or bunks

    This is the damage rollers caused while trailering my boat for 15 minutes when it was filled with water...
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    Harbor Freight Sunfish Trailer

    Here’s a crazy idea!!! How about rolling a dolly “ right on “ a utility trailer.?!??
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    World-class sailing locations...

    I did happen to pick up a O’day widgeon today, it’s the next step in my journey. Figure I’ll learn to sail this little sloop and then work my way up to something I can overnight on. Maybe even go into the big water...eventually.
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    World-class sailing locations...

    Im hoping to sail around Shelter Island. No, not in the famous race, but just spend the day sailing around on my own. I’ve also fantasized about sailing around Long Island. Not around the end of Montauk point, but I’d start on the north shore and go around Orient point into Gardiners bay and...
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    Vanguard Sunfish - $500 (Battle Creek, Michigan)

    Better yet, is that a forestay?