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    Considering buying a Capri 14

    I am also a totally single hander. The most important thing to me was ease of launch and trailerabilty. My swing keel model excels there. You can yank it out of the water with boat way off centered on trailer and single handedly bounce it around once out of the water to get it perfect. Also...
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    FAQ: What Should I Do To Prevent Turtling?

    I also wanted the security of the best mast float possible so opted for the "B0b". On my first season with Capri came close to a knockdown on one of my earlier outings but with lots of experiance have developed the skills which should make that event less likely. Running with reefed main only...
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    Rigging a jib downhaul for solo sailing

    Good Day! I also have used that rig with great success. I had a sail loft install larger brass hanks, along with reef points and slugs in the main. This made a huge difference in the ability to change configurations for differing wind conditions. And the slugs make it a lot easier to work the...