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    WTB - Laser Mast, boom, tiller, daggerboard, and rudder

    I have most of what you are looking for. I am in Scranton PA but headed to geeenwich , Ct tomorrow am. Call me to discuss. Greg. 570.996.7282
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    Laser three stack, trailer and lots…

    Can you call me to discuss Thanks. 570.996.7282. Greg
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    Looking for a complete Sunfish in Philly or Pocono region

    Hi. I have a couple boats for you to consider. I am located near Scranton, PA. send me a text and Can call you. greg. 570.996.7282.
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    PENNSYLVANIA Laser mast & boom sections.

    (2) lower mast sections (1) lower radial mast section (1) laser boom All in very good condition $150 each. daggerboard. Class legal. $100 Text me for pictures thanks. 570.996.7282
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    Laser Wanted within 100 miles Philadelphia

    Rick. If you are still looking, send me a text. I have a friend that has a nice 2010 he wants to sell. 570.996.7282
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    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish bottom and deck covers

    Deck cover and bottom cover. heavy duty materials. a little dirty but great condition. no rips or rot. price is each. $100 + 25 shipping will ship both for $225 includes shipping.
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    Sunfish sail new - Black with pirate logo

    Plus actual freight. Estimated around $20
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    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish sail new - Black with pirate logo

    Brand new, never used.
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    Tons of quality laser parts

    Do you have any 4 to 1 old style vangs? I need 3. And 3 old traveler blocks. thanks. Text me at 570.996.7282. Thanks
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    Parting Out Laser Sailboat

    Would like to buy old vang Can you text me if available. Thanks. Greg. 570.996.7282
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    Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Would you have any old style 4to1 vangs? I could use 2 and if you mk1 sail is in one piece without allot of holes, I would be interested. Also old tillers and extensions for a couple recreational boats. Thanks. Greg. 570.240.3930
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    Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Hi. Can you text me. Interested in your mk2 race sail. Thx. Greg. 570.240.3930
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    Wanted Sunfish in good shape.

    Hi Doug. Give me a call. I’ve got a boat and title. Greg. 570.996.7282
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    Trailer wanted to buy

    I’m located near Scranton, pa and have a laser trailer available. You can call me at 570.996.7282
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    Laser for Sale with trailer, Seitech dolly (new pictures added)

    Hi. Very interested in your laser. Can you email or call me to discuss Thanks. Greg. 570.996.7282.