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    For Sale j24 5320 with triad trailer $11000

    Can you call me to discuss? Thanks. Greg. 570.996.7282.
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    Expired Fiberglass daggerboards for sale

    I’ll get a shipping cost. email me your address info [email protected] Thanks. Greg
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    Expired  NEW YORK Fiberglass daggerboards for sale

    1) FRP board. Gelcoat didn’t adhere to the edges. Board is in great shape other than that. Solid and no damage. Good winter project to have a race worthy board. $175 plus freight ($30-50 depending on location) 2) second board was painted black with while splatter. Done by precious owner. Great...
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    Expired WTB - Laser Mast, boom, tiller, daggerboard, and rudder

    I have most of what you are looking for. I am in Scranton PA but headed to geeenwich , Ct tomorrow am. Call me to discuss. Greg. 570.996.7282
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    Laser three stack, trailer and lots…

    Can you call me to discuss Thanks. 570.996.7282. Greg
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    Looking for a complete Sunfish in Philly or Pocono region

    Hi. I have a couple boats for you to consider. I am located near Scranton, PA. send me a text and Can call you. greg. 570.996.7282.
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    PENNSYLVANIA Laser mast & boom sections.

    (2) lower mast sections (1) lower radial mast section (1) laser boom All in very good condition $150 each. daggerboard. Class legal. $100 Text me for pictures thanks. 570.996.7282
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    Laser Wanted within 100 miles Philadelphia

    Rick. If you are still looking, send me a text. I have a friend that has a nice 2010 he wants to sell. 570.996.7282
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    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish bottom and deck covers

    Deck cover and bottom cover. heavy duty materials. a little dirty but great condition. no rips or rot. price is each. $100 + 25 shipping will ship both for $225 includes shipping.
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    Sunfish sail new - Black with pirate logo

    Plus actual freight. Estimated around $20
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    PENNSYLVANIA Sunfish sail new - Black with pirate logo

    Brand new, never used.
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    Tons of quality laser parts

    Do you have any 4 to 1 old style vangs? I need 3. And 3 old traveler blocks. thanks. Text me at 570.996.7282. Thanks
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    Parting Out Laser Sailboat

    Would like to buy old vang Can you text me if available. Thanks. Greg. 570.996.7282
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    Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Would you have any old style 4to1 vangs? I could use 2 and if you mk1 sail is in one piece without allot of holes, I would be interested. Also old tillers and extensions for a couple recreational boats. Thanks. Greg. 570.240.3930
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    Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Hi. Can you text me. Interested in your mk2 race sail. Thx. Greg. 570.240.3930