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    Sailing Bullying - What Would You Do?

    Any of the guys mentioned are welcome anytime in my fleet and I'll pay their dues for the first season as damned inexpensive coaching fees - trouble is I can't run to the air fares to Norfolk (UK). Heh T-man and Mr P I've been entertained by T-man's blog for some years and want to thank him...
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    I am no lawyer but I don't see a legal case being made against a private members club (ILCA) for changing its rules on what constitutes a piece of equipment that meets its eligibility for use rules. Surely the most likely legal case if ILCA wins is GS against LPE for infringement of IP rights...
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    As ever T-man is so right. He could also have added - no one here as any idea if Company A or Company B is financially strapped - which also often makes a difference! As it happens I have voted - in haste, without much thought and I now regret it. There is obviously no reason to vote yet, so...
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    2011 Rule Changes - Fundamental Rule

    Re: rule change, builder As ever there are many valid arguments on this thread and most come back to 'tell us more before we decide' - an incredibly reasonable standpoint. For my two pennyworth of speculation. My fervent desire is to see the class rules stay the same with NO MORE...
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    protecting your hole...

    Not only are you entitled to sail into 'their hole' - before the start signal, once you have established an overlap to leeward you are entitled to luff up to head to wind to push them to windward and 'takeover' their 'hole'. The only limitation is that you must give them time and opportunity to...
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    Olympic Coverage?

    ISAF have an excellent results site: - you can also get anRSS feed update. Yachts and Yachting have a live "blog style" minute by minute update site while racing is taking place: -
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    Exclusive laser sailor or ???

    I race Laser for fun and still pretend my main boat is a 12M Sharpie. In fact 2 kids and demanding job and wife leave little time for any sailing so I now support 2 fleets from the bottom!
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    laser or pico?

    The boats are incomparable - neither is good or bad but their performance profile hardly overlaps. If you want a family friendly school boat to race/burn occaisionnally - Pico. If you want a race/burn up boat that you can take a passenger once in a blue moon in calmer conditions Laser!
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    Olympic Medal Chances?

    Not good for the Gold I hope! - UK Sailor!
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    night sailing

    Found them (latest IRPCS regs as published by USGC:- RULE 25—CONTINUED (d) (i) A sailing vessel of less than 7 meters in length shall, if practicable, exhibit the lights prescribed in paragraph (a) or (b) of this Rule, but if she does not, she shall have ready at hand an electric torch or...
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    night sailing

    Its a long time since I took my Yachtmaster but I am confident that this also meets the minimum requirements for IRPCS at least it did back then!
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    Centreboard corner has curled up

    There are various threads on here relating to board repairs however what you describe is minor but annoying. It sounds like you are referring to the tip of the trailing edge, you should be able to straighten this by heating the affected area (with great care) by use of a hair dryer or hot air...
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    The future?

    That's fine with me. I race a laser sometimes in class races sometimes in H/cap races. This new rig will be welcome by me in H/cap races along with Bytes, RS 700 Laer 4.7 and Radial. It will not be welcomed by me as a replacement for or in Laser class racing.
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    The future?

    read the threads - you want a sail that looks like that go race with other guys who want the same thing. Sail another existing class like Byte or start you own. Just don't try and change mine!
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    Batten tip

    Possible tip for the future - Since I moved on to a rolled sail I have adopted the advice of my sail maker from other classes and just leave the battens in. You have to be careful how you start rolloing the sail but you quickly get used to it. I am assured that the damage caused by leaving...