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    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    I'm very sorry to read this. Joining the class: "Organisation | Join the class" Regarding the race schedule: it is 2012 and yes i also like to see all the YC's present 2013 calendar's but the bare truth is: they do not. I will mail the various event organizers.
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    ISCA & USSCA website(s) marked as malware sites

    Current status: all sites combined into 1 WP; in total there were 35 (!) WP installations. I did not even try to fix them manually. After finding infected non-WP PHP files i decided to do an extreme make-over; The downside is: broken links, but IMHO it is better now. Rich Chapman: "Eric Woodman...
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    Sunfish race and recreation sail

    The racing sail is roughly 8% larger
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    Youth Sunfish Worlds 2011

    Jean Paul de Trazegnies from Peru is the 2011 Youth Sunfosh Worlds champion.
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    Youth Sunfish Worlds 2011

    Yesterday the Youth Sunfish Worlds 2011 (Curacao) have started with 3 races. Today another 3 will be sailed and tomorrow the last 2. After 5 races it is rather close at the top. Jean Paul de Trazegnies from Peru sailed 4-1-2-2-2, Eugene Hendrikx (CUR) 5-3-1-3-4, Ivan Aponte (PUR) 1-4-3-6-3...
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    Youth Sunfish Worlds 2011

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    Where can I get the Windward Leg?

    A growing PDF archive from the Dutch Sunfish class her:
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    MidWinter Championship

    Go see his Sunfish Worlds profile. For many other Midwinter participants you can do a lookup too: Results per sailor
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    NA 2007 Results

    For this year Worlds on Curacao we like to give background info for each participant, eg: previous Worlds results, but also NA, SA, Masters etc. Go visit to see the current status. Somehow i can't find the final results of the NA 2007 at Fairhope YC. If you...
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    NOR Worlds

    In case u missed it: the NOR for this years Worlds (both open and youth) on Curacao are official now. You can download them on the event website: