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    Mutineer sailors

    Looking for Mutineer sailors (especially the owner of sail number 3612 which I once owned) in IL, MI, WI area. I will be picking up a Windrider MUTT this Spring (COVID-19 permitting).
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    Mutineer Sailors in Midwest

    I want to contact Mutineer 15 sailboat owners in the Midwest. I am located Illinois near Chicago.
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    Laser Radial 2006 For Sale Chicago

    I am local and looking for a white Laser Radial rig boat and a Dynamic dolly. Available? Guy at or 847-370-2764
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    2015 Laser

    Willing to sell boat separately? Price? Refurbished and fitted out our 1978 Laser! Adding a second Laser, will need another Radial sail and mast section, already have a Right On trailer and Seitech dolly. Seriously will buy something. Near Chicago location.
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    Laser manufacturer ZFS

    I want to confirm that my 1978 Laser (named the Flower Pot because it almost became one before restoration), HIN ZFS66772M78L, was manufactured by Les Voiliers Performance, Quebec Canada. One message said that the USCG record stated this, another said ZFS identified Performance Sailcraft.