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    Halyard Bullseye Fairlead

    Hi Alan! Thanks a lot for the thorough response. I think I’m going to opt for the second option — fill the holes and put a cleat on the mast. Thanks a ton though! Probably will be coming back with some more questions. You seem to have all the answers!
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    1976 Sunfish for Sale in Northern New Jersey

    Hi! Interested in the boat. Can we set up a time to come to see it?
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    Halyard Bullseye Fairlead

    Hi Alan! Super old thread but if you get this, do you still have any fairleads or have any advice? Mine is missing entirely from my 1968 sunfish. Worried that it might be letting water into the hull as well. Not sure if that’s a possibility. Let me know if you can help, thanks!
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    CONNECTICUT Sunfish wanted in CT/NY/NJ/MA area

    Looking to buy a good condition Sunfish in ready to sail condition (no fiberglass repairs, sail patching, etc.). I am located in southwest CT but willing to drive anywhere in CT, parts of NY, NJ, and MA. please reach out if you are selling and in the area. Thanks!
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    1968 Alcort Sunfish For Sale

    Hi! Also interested if still available!