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    Laser, Oldie but Goodie

    Boat is SOLD. thanks
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    Laser, Oldie but Goodie

    1975 laser hull. Deck in great shape. A couple of small stress cracks in hull, all gear, blades in real good shape. Stored indoors, Not used for last 10 years. Sail acceptable, but as usual, you will want a new one to race. I think the older Lasers were better built. This one has the composite...
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    Laser Parts for Sale

    [I don't think I want to sell just the rudder head, thanks
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    Laser Parts for Sale

    Need to thin the herd, and parting out a hull. Have refinished original wood dagger board and centerboard, varnished to better than new (thicker) for $200 for rudder and rudder head SOLD , $150 for dagger board. Rudder, almost new, head and rudder for $300 SOLD Dagger (not FRP, but foam)...
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    Main sheet Block Setup for Sale

    Used main sheet block and aluminum tower for sale, $100 plus shipping ($8-$12). contact tirectly at teffylou2(at symbol) gmail (dot ) com Thanks
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    Laser M Sail And Mast Top $400

    Almost new Laser M sail and mast top. Smaller than a standard and even a radial. Sail can be lowered at the dock, good for training a younger one or in blistering winds. Pickup only due to mast shipping issues Between Lake george and Lake placid in the Adirondacks Write for pics...
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    C14 Mainsheet block assembly

    Main sheet block assembly $120 pickup, $130 delivered 48 us states Located above lake george, in the Adirondacks (new york state). Eric
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    Old Main Sails

    Have an old main sail for sale. Well used, good for high winds, save your good sail. $50 pickup (Adirondacks, north of Lake George) $60 delivered in 48 us states. Thanks Eric
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    Sunfish/sailfish /clonefish Daggerboards For Sale

    Various centerboards for sale in various states of needing attention. Most need refinishing, except the sailfish CB's are decent. Pricing ranges from $40 to $60 depending on condition. Shipping is $15 Location Adirondacks
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    Can you put a laser Rig on a sunfish?

    Would a laser rig fit on a sunfish hull? Why would you want too? Well, it you had a laser rig and acess to a plan hull, wondering if anyone has tried it. Eric
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    Parting Out Capri

    mast Call me 518-494-6221
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    Parting Out Capri

    Centerboard cpsd1020ks86 Eric
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    Parting Out Capri

    Give me a call, I'm not the same person. 518-494-6221
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    Parting Out Capri

    Parting out a capri, have mast, boom, hull needs major repair. Please wite or call with needs. Will do package deal Eric 518-494-6221
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    Capri 14.2

    Used capri, 85 Needs block for boom vang, battons, and string for furler. Defects are some bubbles in the gel coat (doesn't look like blisters). Can send photos. Cost $600 With trailer, $1,000 (trailer needs usual lights, no title on trailer) 518-494-6221 Location Schroon Lake, NY