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    Want teak door to storage area

    I want one! Larry, That is a terrific cuddy hatch. Much better than the factory one that came with my 1986 Mod I. What kind of tools did you need to complete the task. It looks like you are a master carpenter as well as a sailor.
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    She flipped and turtled

    hobie float? If you are that unsure about your sailing abilities, maybe you should see if Larry Conrad still has that Hobie Float for sale. I understand it helps to discourage the boat from turtling.
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    Calling Southern California Sailors

    Thanks for the invitation. Also, we are members of the Arizona Yacht Club and have reciprocal through the Southern California Yacht Association. We are looking forward to sailing Mission Bay. We currently have reservations with the Dana Inn, but there is no room at their marina. So we will...
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    Calling Southern California Sailors

    A couple of weeks ago, I took my Capri 14 to Newport Beach for some sailing in the harbor. We launched from Newport Dunes boat ramp ($15 a day), had a great time and learned a few lessons about sailing in Newport Harbor. Over the fourth of July, we are looking on taking the Capri to Long...
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    Racing at Tempe Town Lake.

    Hello, I'm a new member of the Arizona Yacht Club. We are having races at Tempe Town Lake, Saturday evenings launching around 4pm. For more information go to
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    jib coming off line.

    hanks coming off...convert to snaps Ahoy, I, too, am new to sailing and purchased an older capri. If you can still read your hull number, contact Catalina. They can tell you what year your boat is and what model number. Regarding your hanks coming off, I have experienced this problem...
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    Catalina's Responsiveness??

    Called last week, excellent response. I called Catalina last week over my 15+ year old newly purchased used boat. They were great. They were able to tell me when my boat was built, what model year, who originally purchased the boat and what it was ordered with (of course all original stuff...
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    Newport or Long Beach, CA

    I'm a new (used) owner and am planning a trip to Souther CA the first week in June. It's too hot here in Phoenix now to sail and am looking for a good place to daysail around Orange County. Any information/advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. ~BHP
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    Re: Just a thought... Those foam noodles don't last much more than one season around my house before it starts to desinegrate. Also, noodles really don't have much bouncy. A kid can sink one quickly. I don't think I would want to use that in my mast.
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    Fleet 24 News, Spring 2004

    New Capri 14.2 in AYC fleet Hiya Dennis, Since your not answer your voicemail, I'm checking in this way. All went well today on the lake, no turtling. Need to get the jib hank fixed and we will be one step closer to be the fastest capri 14.2 on the lake to steer into the wind. :)
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    Considering Capri 14.2 for family of 5

    How to find the hull date. Okay, Now I'm really confused. Someone told me that the serial number of the boat had the hull date in it. Well, there's no 85 there. It ends in 89. We took it out today. Jib hank was broke so we sailed without Jib. Four of us in the boat, 2 adults and 2 kids...
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    Considering Capri 14.2 for family of 5

    Well, I bought it. It turns out it's a 1985 hull, very basic boat. I'm going to use it as a training boat for the family. Max 3 out at any one time. The rest wait on shore. Trailer is in excellent shape, boat looks good. I'm such a novice, I wonder if I made a huge mistake. Any takers to...