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    For Sale: C14 Sails - used

    call or text 602 679 0462 to arrange. I need shipping address, zip especially for shipping estimate.
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    For Sale: C14 Sails - used

    Yes I have two with "wire luff".
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    For Sale:  C14 Sails - used

    4 sets (Main and jib) of C14.2 sails in varying used condition. - 2 sets white - 2 sets purple/multi-colored Perfect for practice, cruising, getting your boat on the water and "saving" your racing sails. First come, first served, one set per boat. Donation to Arizona Sailing...
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    Full rig spars and blades for sale - Norwalk, CT

    I'm new to this...just picked up an abondoned 81 Laser. It floats. I have spars and sail but still need blades and tiller. What kind of offer are you looking for, and can you email pictures of the blades, tiller head, etc.? eheisler