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    Leaving dock single handed

    Use fenders to keep your boat from banging against the dock. I use a small electric trolling motor to move away from the dock far enough to raise the main sail or unfurl the jib.
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    83' 14.2 #53 resurrection

    You might be able to seal the holes in the boom by placing rubber washers backed by metal washers on each side of the boom. I used this method to seal the cubby hatch and it has worked well.
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    Got blown down today...

    When I execute a jibe I haul the boom in close as I start the jibe. That keeps the boom from making a violent swing to the other side of the boat.
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    centerboard block replacement

    thanks for the help
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    centerboard block replacement

    Does anyone know if the centerboard blocks are screwed or thru bolted to the cockpit seats?
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    Anyone make a watertight cover for the cubby?

    I fabricated a cover that I think is watertight. I cut a piece of plywood to fit over the outsde of the cubby opening and a piece of 1X2 that fits across the inside of the cubby opening(horizontally). The 1X2 slips into two brackets I glued to the inside of the cubby. I use two 3/8" bolts...
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    I use a 30# thrust electric motor with a wheelchair battery to launch and dock my boat. The battery is much lighter than a marine battery. I tie the battery off to one of the hull fittings so that I don't lose it when I capsize.
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    Beginner sail

    Catalinas are good boats, but some have shortcomings that you should be aware of. How many passengers will you have? solo? Will you be sailing on a lake, ocean or both? Will you want to trailer your boat to different areas? Do you want a project or ready to sail boat? Consider finding a sailing...
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    Capri 14.2 vs. Bucc 18?

    I own a Capri 14.2. It is too small for 4 adults to sail comfortably. I would buy the bucc.
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    Motor question

    I use an electric trolling motor(30# thrust) which works good for launching and docking. I use a deep cell wheelchair battery which has plenty of amps.
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    De-masted in Mission Bay 2013

    The wind load on your sails is transferred to the mast and resisted by the stays and the base of the mast where it is attached to the deck, so there will be a small horizontal force exerted at the base of the mast under normal sailing conditions. This force is resisted by the bolt. I suggest...
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    taking on water below deck -- how much is normal?

    use a small sump pump or bilge pump to pump water from the bilge at the front of the boat. The area of the bilge immediately inside the cuddy access is the lowest point of the bilge.
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    What do you do for a wind vane?
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    A view from inside - Cuddy removed!

    I hauled a trolling motor in the cockpit one time and it marked the fiberglass up bad. Now I haul the motor in the back of my truck.