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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    Definitely agree, but as a former trimmer, your own experience should inform the priorities as a driver, especially upwind. 1) The communication (notice) you give the trimmer and team, and setting the right expectations, sets the stage for a successful tack 2) Most drivers leave the traveler in...
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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    Tim, if you will be pursuing an alternative setup (which involves a traveler car with no cleats, at least 2, if not 4 additional blocks on the deck, and 2 cleats on the deck near the helm), I recommend reaching out to your J24 professional at either North or Quantum for feedback. There were...
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    Cross Sheet Main Traveler

    They're confused because they expected to hear windward sheeting car, rather than cross sheeting . . . Harken SB CB HL Windward Sheeting Car
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    J24 Keel Templates

    Phil if you're really convinced you're up for that DIY task, the two most common answer are a) compu-keels (google search), or b) (better) find a well prepared and fast boat that's local to you and pull a set of templates from their keel (after asking permission). I owned a boat with my family...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    There's a lot of different features that are possible supporting navigation, optimal course selection, and other electronic assisted strategy decisions that the J24 fleet has stayed clear of for several decades. The class will continue to maintain that position. It's a (relatively) simple one...
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    Newbie (AKA, willing to listen)

    Xc, So the first thing I'd recommend is reading either the North or Quantum Sails (or both) tuning guides for the J24. It's a historical document that will take some of the guess work out of basic mast setup, which is critical to the performance of the boat. Your "main is too deep up top and...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    Stinger, good question, and I think one that's going to come up often. First reference rule C.5.2 (b) (1) and (2). Cell phones, and devices with charting capability are excluded, as they are today. Regardless of how you argue it, and/or which "app" you might be using, I (and the Class...
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    New Rules and Rules Conversion

    I'm going to go out on a limb and point out that for 80% of J24 teams, the Velocitek Pro Start represents a distraction from materially improving the quality of your crew work, your driving, your trimming, and your decision making skills. There aren't any silver bullets in this class. And a...
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    Rear bulkhead

    Mike, you don't say much about the year or condition of your boat. As for benefits, having a full height (solid) aft bulkhead somewhat lessens the likelihood of sinking if your boat currently has lazarette hatches (which should be securely dogged at all times when afloat). With this "I tipped...
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    Short shaft outboard on a 24 isn't worth your time. It becomes obnoxious trying to keep the prop in the water without two people on the transom. If your water doesn't move, you can go below 4hp, but it does get tricky to get a motor of the required minimum class rules weight. Class stalwart...
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    J24 Rudder Question

    I'd recommend starting with a big caliper to see how much thicker than the class minimum chord thickness you're at right now. Historically speaking there's good advice against trying to "thin" out an older factory original rudder blade, because you risk weakening the laminate and encouraging a...
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    Mast butt adjuster

    In general, most teams have the turnbuckle style mast-butt adjuster configured aft of the casting, and through bolted to the main bulkhead. In operation, the more highly loaded "adjustment" is moving the mast butt aft, and for this purpose the turnbuckle simply works better in tension rather...
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    Wanted: Spinnaker

    Navy blue Haarstick 2014 kite with 3 major regattas and 1/2 season fleet 50 racing. $1500.00. Proven fast design, gorgeous color!
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    Chock the J24 mast

    Chris, there's about as many options as there are styles of owners of J24. Early solutions focused on a system of various thickness shims, which were used to block the mast both fore/aft and side to side in the partners, in order to find the "middle of the boat" where the partners cutout isn't...
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    Owner's Manual

    Charlie, I'd argue that whatever they knew about J24s in 1988, the knowledge base has improved substantially since then. If you get back to me with any specific questions you might have, we can start there. Otherwise I'm not confident a manual exists that would keep you on track with modern...