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    Standing Rigging Installation

    Dave: After you wire on the shrouds to the spreaders, cover them with "Self Bonding Rigging Tape". West Marine sells it, it is white and kind of rubbery. You can use this tape also on other places with sharp points that might injure your sails. Dick
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    Whisker Pole Storage

    I like our whisker pole stored on the boom. The outer end of the boom has a PVC pipe maybe 3 in. dia. screwed onto it. The whisker pole slips in easily. Then the front of the whisker pole is clipped onto an eye strap screwed onto the forward end of the boom. Location on the starboard side of...
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    Daysailing Sail Recommendations ?

    Reef in Mainsail Gordon: If you don't have a sailmaker nearby, check out They have a jiffy reefing kit that I purchased for my C 14.2. Peg sewed in the reefing points with a regular but good sewing machine. Used lubricating oil on the thread and needle and replaced a...
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    Refinishing Tiller and Rudder

    Keith: My rudder has a gel coat finish as I suspect yours does. Its hard to match but the expensive linear polyurethane applied by a fine foam roller and smoothed out where necessary with soft strokes of a very fine paint brush will probably do a good job, as it did on a fiberglass boat that I...
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    Should I use jib

    Do everything you can to make it fun as you learn. First read lots about how to sail, including information with the C 14 technical journal. Know at least by reading what to do if you ever do capsize. Only sail on days with nice light wind until you and your wife gain confidence. Be sure to...
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    PFD Recommendation

    Dave: We use the "Sailing Vest" sold by West Marine, p. 901 in their 2004 catalog. They sell for about $50 now though ours are an earlier model that we bought on sale a couple of years ago. Worked well the one time we unexpectedly swam, and generally comfortable to wear, except when its hot...
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    Outboard - what do I need?

    Paddling C14 Paddling a C14 is difficult compared to paddling my 14 ft Canoe. The trick is to use as long a paddle as you can store in the boat, and have your crew steer with the rudder as you paddle (of vice versa}, or if solo to tie off the tiller with a bungie or line to the hiking strap to...
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    West Marine sells "flashlight" type Bow and Stern lights which clamp onto most any small boat. Good to carry on a late afternoon sail just in case, or attach at night. Dick
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    Hull Painting

    Paint rjs: If you cannot spray, roll with the small dia. fine sponge rollers (avail. at Home Depot in Phoenix area, used for polyurethane on doors,etc.). I put linear polyurethane on an old fiberglass boat and it came out gleaming. Did just a little fine tipping with a brush. Linear...
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    Where to begin?

    Larger than C 14 for big guys Josh: Sailing alone, the C 14 would probably be just fine as long as you use your weight in the right places. Once I tipped my boat over at the dock by merely placing my 210 lbs on the deck just a little in front and to the side of the mast, while trying to step...