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    Parting Out Capri

    Do you still have the Capri? If so, can you tell the s/n? I'm in need of a centerboard for an old Capri (1984). The board I'm looking for is a LOT thinner than what is on the new boats. Thanks, Dennis
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    The board is wider. There is a Capri in the same dry dock as me that is the next s/n from mine. The board in it is very thin compared to the new one. I will look for that old boat. Thanks, Dennis
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    I have a 1984 Capri 14.2 s/n 454 that needs a centerboard. I just bought one from Catalina, and it is too thick, won't go down the slit in boat. Wasted $350 bucks on nothing. Does anyone have a board from an old boat?