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    Laser stuff for sale! Masts, trailer, sails

    If you still have any if this gear I am interested in purchasing the rudder and two dagger boards. Please email me at Thanks, Dave
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    laser masts and boom, 4.7 bottom sections for sale

    Capt. Tom, I am in need of two sets of rigs, blades and sails I would like to purchase all that you have, but I am not local at all. I can pay extra for prep an shipping using a freight forwarder to Saipan. Pleases let me know if you can sell me those parts. Marianas Sailing Club just had two...
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    Laser 2 sails, daggerboard, rudder, masts and misc. parts for sale

    Sorry I misread that you had Laser 2 parts. I have the Laser Mk1 hulls. But Thank you for your reply.
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    Used Laser Full Rig Sails

    Email me at, Thanks Dave
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    Used Laser Full Rig Sails

    Interested. Please contact me for details on how to purchase two sails
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    Sails, Rigging, Tillers, Blades, Dolly

    Interested in any and all parts for Laser Mk1. I have hulls with no spars, blades or sails. Thanks, Dave
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    Laser 2 sails, daggerboard, rudder, masts and misc. parts for sale

    I am looking to refit two Laser sailboat hulls in Saipan, CNMI for a nonprofit youth sail training program. How much for two of everything? I will arrange shipping if you can prepare it.
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    Outside North America NEED Laser Parts,everything except the hull

    I have some donated Laser sailboat hulls that I want to rig and refit for a youth sailing program. I have the hulls only and need to procure masts, upper and lower sections, boom, sails, rudder blade & rudder head, and dagger board. I need two of everything. New or used OK.