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    Sunfish Tools...

    I think it's actually a tool used to hold onto the end of a hot pipe. Maybe a plumbing tool or used in a foundry or blacksmith's shop.
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    Looking to replace the sail

    I have two Intensity practice race sails and I love them. I can't say enough good things about Intensity Sails...
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    1969 Sailfish/Sunfish Brochure

    Found this ad from 1962...
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    Little Launcher Dolly

    There's a thread about the "Little Launcher Dolly" here, although the design is a little different than you described.
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    Where's the hull number?

    Amazing, you have one of the very first fiberglass Sunfish which was manufactured on January 2nd 1955!! This was an experimental model which used the stainless steel grudgeon and new kick up rudder 17 years before it went into mainstream production. Cortland Heyniger actually came up with...
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    Sunfish mast

    When you're finished using it as a mast you might consider converting it to a Swiss horn. Looks like you're half way there.
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    Starting at the BEGINNING

    If you want to go all out you can build one of these! It's what they used at the Laser Performance factory. It took me an afternoon and makes moving a Sunfish out of the way a breeze. Work Dolly |
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    New to the Sunfish! Sail question!

    Hi Ted, I have two Intensity practice sails that I've been using for the last two years and I can't be happier. The sail is on sale now for $125 plus shipping. Race Style Practice Sail for the Sunfish®
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    Opinions on a trailer - please comment with your experiences

    What a maroon!! :rolleyes:
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    Sailfish Identification and Inspection

    Hi Dave, setting up a Yahoo account is free. There's a ton of good information on the Yahoo Sunfish site.
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    196? Sunfish, bring it back to life!

    The Sunfish Sailor yahoo site has images of the logo. Here's the link - you have to be a member but anyone can join. Yahoo! Groups
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    Motorizing a Sunfish...

    That and Radio Shack is pretty much out of business...
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    Would like some cosmetic advice?

    I noticed a huge improvement by buying a new sail. To be honest, buying a new rudder or daggerboard doesn't seem cost effective since I'm just sailing recreationally.
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    Is this Bandit trailer too short for a SF?

    You really don't have to be that exact. The padding that you put on top of the bunks makes up for any discrepancy. I pretty much did it exactly like it's shown in the pics. I also used the sill seal padding rather than foam because it's closed cell and would provide padding without getting...
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    Bow Handle Removal

    If the bow handle is already very corroded then you can probably carefully chip at it with a screw driver or other tool until the screw head is exposed. At this point you can use a vice-grip to extract the screw. The metal used for the bow handle is very soft and just covered with chrome. Be...