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    Finally got rid of nagging elbow tendonitis from sailing

    My own stubborn-ness (repeated use of my arm while on the water, despite nagging pain) left me with elbow tendonitis for like 2 1/2 months. Just thought I'd share how the three key things I did to get rid of it, since I know it's a problem. 1. Give it some rest and when you're ready...
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    Tennis elbow from sailing

    Just thought I'd throw an update out there after a great summer of sailing. Back to 100% and feeling strong. Thanks to the stretches/eccentric exercises, occasional icing, and supplementing with Elbow Revive. No problems in the past several weeks!
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    Tennis elbow from sailing

    I've developed a relentless case of tennis elbow (tendinitis) from sailing over teh past few months. I've been following a stretching routine that has helped a bit. I've also been taking a product called Elbow Revive that has worked wonders (in conjunction with the stretches). I'm back to...
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    Worldcup Soccer

    certainly was a fun Cup to watch. I'm still wishing that it was Brazil v. Argentina in the final though! Oh well, at least we can say that the USA lost to the team that won it all!!
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    This Certainly is a Silly Thread

    that might be the scariest thing I've ever seen. seriously.
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    Ski behind sunfish?

    never even crossed my mind, but good luck to you if you can do it. be sure to post pictures! haha.
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    Living the Sailing Life

    love the dog pic! ha.
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    Favorite eBooks

    If you want some good fiction, read anything by Cormac McCarthy (Blood Meridian is my favorite-- very gritty). If you're looking for an easier read, I just read Gates of Fire by Stephen Pressfield (fiction about the Battle of Thermopylae in Ancient Greece), and it was pretty good...
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    Can anyone tell me what this is

    post another photo if you can...
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    New Documentary Project "morning Star" - Sailing To Hawaii

    Sounds cool. good luck with the film. I'll keep my eyes open for it.
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    GoPro vs. Contour

    GoPro 3 is supposed to be amazing. I had the 2 and no complaints. I can only imagine how awesome the new upgrade is.
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    Best places to live?

    I'm in Annapolis, Maryland today and it couldn't be more beautiful. I'm on my way up the coast. Hoping the weather and atmosphere on the water continues as I head north!
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    Best places to live?

    Massachusetts, Maryland, and North Carolina are actually three of my favorite places to sail. I spend tons of time throughout the year in all three. Thinking about moving to one.
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    Best sunglasses?

    Can't go wrong with Costas. I'd also recommend Smith's. I got a pair as a gift (no idea what model) and they're fantastic for being on the water. Not sure how much (a simple search will figure that out), but I'm sure they're not cheap either.