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    Setting up Local Laser Fleet Website

    I don't know who to ask, so I am sending this out. Are local fleets able to use the Laser Forum to set up websites ? I would like to set up a Hussey Sound Laser Fleet website. Any info would be great. Thanks CM
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    Laser/laser radial for sale

    Is it still available ?? Thanks Chris ILCA 152124
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    Which Radial is Right

    I can't grow taller to increase my ability to hike further out of the boat, so the the only alternative is to decrease my mass to within the range of the Radial sail. CM
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    Which Radial is Right

    I have recently Atkinsed myself down to size where I can use a Radial rig and sail. After borrowing and buying used radial sails, I realized that is just what they are used. I am going to buy a new Radial sail. My question is which sail is the better performer? Hyde? North? I think I will...
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    I am interested in buying a radial mast section and sail. I am in Maine and would travel a little ways to purchase them. If you have both or either of these, please let me know. Thanks CM