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    Mast questions

    So I bought a bunch of "sunfish" parts recently from a guy who didnt know what he had. I got a sail, spars, rudder, tiller, daggerboard and... two other poles for a killer price. I figured one of them must be the mast so I took it and ran, but now... I dont know what I have... First I noticed...
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    Super Sunfish vs Sunfish Hulls

    Thanks! Is the bottom of the daggerboard just shaped differently? or is it a different length/width? will it not fit in the same trunk?
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    Super Sunfish vs Sunfish Hulls

    Were the sunfish and super sunfish Hulls exactly the same? The only difference was in their rigging correct?
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    Sunfish themed shower curtain

    Thats pretty rad man. Id like to have one
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    Sunfish in Utah

    Just wondering if anyone on here is from Utah. I can find ton of used sunfish in California and Colorado and Arizona. But not too many people have them in Utah.
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    What is this?

    What is the make and model of this sailboat?
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    Is this old Sunfish worth it?

    I found a sunfish... actually I think its a minifish. (man claims its only 10 ft long) And I can get it for a great price. The sail is ripped. The rudder and daggerboard are in pretty rough shape. IT has the old style rudder connection I...
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    Wanted Sunfish: Utah

    Im looking for a sunfish in the Utah area... I might even be able to travel to Las Vegas, Idaho or colorado. Possibly San Diego. Contact me!