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    Sail ID please

    Or possibly a "skimmer" moth type boat.
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    Sail ID please

    Makes sense. Where there any smaller scows racing back in the 50's? I can't find any info, and this sail is too small for any larger scow that was typically used for racing. Thank You
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    Sail ID please

    I figured it was a serial number of some sort
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    Sail ID please

    I was also thinking that they might have taken a G-22 sail and cut it down, but this one looks purpose built for something else. G-22 might have been someone's race numbers as well.
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    Sail ID please

    Thank You Ghost Rider! That's about as far as I got as well, but the G-22 had a sail area of about 150 sf and the Glock 22... about 2000 fps ;) Funny that you mention ice boats. My first sailboat was a Barnett Butterfly that apparently had a production run as an ice boat for quite a few years...
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    Sail ID please

    Hello. I have had this dinghy sail for a while and cannot figure out what sailboat it goes to. Made by Lincoln Foster in 1954 15' bolt rope luff 9' loose foot 17.5' leach with three battens Very nice quality sale in excellent shape. I am planning on listing it for sale soon but would like to...
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    Full Laser Sail - Not Class Legal

    Very nice Laser sail from McWilliam sail makers out of Ireland. This is not a class legal sail, but a very high quality recreational sail that will last much much longer than the $575 class legal sails, or the cheap sails out of China. Has sail tape and reinforcement at the batten pockets and...
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    Laser sails

    I have one for sale, not class legal though. Will send you a message now.
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    Soft Deck Safety Issues?

    Thank You Laserxd. I am in the process of finding a hull in better shape. Will cut an inspection port and reinforce the mast step just to be safe for now. I don't want anybody getting hurt, but most likely I will be the only one in this laser for now.
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    Have bare hull, need everything else

    Sold this hull, but would still like to find a 4.7 or Radial rig. I have a nice older recreational sail made by McWilliam in Irland that would be up for trade. It is a full rig and is in very good shape, still crisp.
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    Soft Deck Safety Issues?

    Hello, I recently bought a 1978 Laser with a very soft deck and wanted to know if there is any real safety issue with this. It will be a rec. beater boat for my Boy Scouts, and myself sometimes. I would say that most of the deck has soft spots except for around the mast step. Hull seems sound...
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    Anyone know much about a (Fillip) Viper 15?

    Well, sorry to say I sold my Viper sailboat. I sold it to a very nice gentleman from around Abiqiui Lake in NM this past weekend, and told him to join you all here. Was very sad to see it go, as the sails were still very crisp and boat was in working order, and loved the lines, but I needed...
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    Recreational sail needed

    Thank You for the Sunfish parts! We are ready to go.
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    McWilliam Laser Sail

    Thanks Jeffers, I am not going to race this laser, the deck is really bubbled and raised, but in good shape otherwise. Anyone want to trade for a 4.7 sail and bottom mast? I need to find a 4.7 setup for my kiddos (and myself) new to laser sailing.