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    Fixed forestay to roller furling

    Caerus, My bowplate has a couple of holes, and by pinning the roller drum in the aft hole it just clear the forestay. It does not rub. Only minor problem is you have to furl the sail carefully to avoid wrapping it around the fixed forestay. Not really a "problem" and I like the feeling of...
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    Fixed forestay to roller furling

    I have a Harken roller furler,and the fixed forestay is still in place. My boat and mast are in storage for the winter, so I can't check on how the forestay and the furler swivel are attached, Obviously they are attached to different tabs. I have had no trouble with having this redundant mast...
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    Single Handing the Capri (how to?)

    Single Handing, and the turtle I am 84, and I sail a 14.2 on a large lake in MI. My wife does not like a boat that "leans", so I mostly sail solo. Also have a Hunter 146 (14.5ft) that I sail on inland waters near Gulfshores, AL. It "leans" even more than the Capri. I turtled the Capri last...
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    Baby Bob to the rescue - I hope!

    Anti-turtling device? When I bought my present Capri 14.2 second hand it came with a strange looking triangular sleeve device which appeared to be closed cell foam covered with heavy nylon. The thing is designed to fit over and attach to the top of the mainsail. It covers about two feet of the...
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    Anti-turtle float

    How effective is the anti-turtling float for the 14,2? I have one, and have not used it, but after "turtling" last summer I am about to try it! carrnor
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    Turtles and me

    Tim-- I had previously had a 14,2 that was destroyed in a hurricane near Gulf Shores AL, and the boat I bought last summer had the float with it. It is a triangular shape with enclosed foam, and it apparently slips over and fastens to the top of the mainsail. It seems to be a Catalina...
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    Turtles and me

    Sail on a fairly large lake near Traverse City, MI. Sailed out alone with only a mainsail on to meet wife and friends about two miles up the lake on the pontoon boat. Wind was 15 to 20 mph sort of against me, so lots of tacking. Had to luff the sail quite a bit,and that combined wth...
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    Want a boat

    Interested in buying a 14.2 in the Pensacola, FL area or in nearby FL or MS. Sick of trailering boat from MI to Orange Beach AL in the winter. carrnor
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    2002 Capri 14 For Sale $4000

    2002 Capri 14 for sale Where is the boat located? carrnor
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    Roller Furling Info

    Roller furler as forestay Thanks for your interest in my note. Inputs from folks involved in sailing are always useful. My original comment was sort of a response to a thread that I had read about a "near disaster" story from some folks with a roller furler. The extension connector (I don't...
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    Roller Furling Info

    Roller furler & forestay I have been using a roller furler for several years, and found that I did not have to "do away" with the forestay. Takes a little adjusting to get spacing between the forestay and the jib so that it won"t foul on the forestay when "rolling", but once it's set it works...
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    Want a sail

    I am looking for a mainsail with colored stripes. New or used.
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    I'm on top of the world!!!!

    Maybe I outbid you? I just picked up a 14.2 (1991) at Weathermark Sailing in Buford, GA, near Lake Lanier. At 83 I'm a little older than most! Lost my last 14.2 in IVAN in 2004, and had been looking for a while. Sail at Orange Beach, AL, and soon up nearTraverse City, MI...