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    Seeking Advice on Buying C14.2

    1985 Mod 1 #701 Mark, I am asking $ 1200 for my boat which has a main, jib and storm jib and whisker pole. Full boat cover, main sail cover, new running rigging, motor mount (no motor), trailer and other gear (jackets, anchor, lines, fenders, etc.) I agree that $ 1900 too much for what...
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    14.2 k

    Capri for sale Dave, What is a 14.2k model? Also, you mention that it is a "keel" model, but I thought all 14.2 were centerboard models? I might suggest that you tell us the age of the boat or what hull number is or sail number on the main sail. This will give us a better idea of age of...
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    Want to buy a 14

    Capri 14.2 #701 Patrick, Here is link to pics of my boat.
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    Want to buy a 14

    Capri 14.2 #701 Patrick, I have my boat for sale, since I have purchased a Capri 18 in August. I live in Grove, OK which is about 90 mile north of Tulsa. I am asking $ 1200 for boat, main, working jib, and storm jib. Full boat cover, and main sail cover. All new running rigging last...
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    1999 Capri 14.2 For Sale in Houston

    1985 Capri 14.2 Melissa, If you are interested, I have a Capri for sale in Grove, OK. Asking $ 1,200 for boat, trailer, main, working jib, and storm jib and a lot of accessories. Take a look at my pics below on Picasa. If you want more info, email me direct...
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    Tightening Fasteners

    Rebedding Just go by West System instructions. This is a fool proof method of doing fiberglas that I have done for many years. Good luck!!!!
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    Tightening Fasteners

    Threadlock Blues Jim, I have redone my SJ21 and other Cat 22 & 25 boats by using a nail bent with a 90 degree angle, and inserting it in a deck screw hole and ream out the core with a portable drill on slow speed. Then inject some West System Epoxy into the hole and after it hardens...
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    Post your mod 2 hatch pics

    Hatch Cover I cut a piece of clear plexiglas to cover my Mod 1 hatch. Go to website below to see pics.
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    14.2's in texas?

    Racing I regret that I am selling my 14.2, and have purchased a Capri 18. Wish we could have done this last year, or earlier in the summer. Ron
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    1985 Capri 14.2

    Very Clean boat with trailer. Kerr Sails w/Main, Storm and Working Jibs. Full boat cover and main sail cover. New running and standing rigging. Motor mount. Sailed fresh water only. Includes: paddle; life jackets. Asking: $ 1,200. Pictures available. New pics available at...
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    Need Part Name and Number

    Part Numbers I just called Catalina, and you can email: and she can get you the part number that you need. I ordered a set of stays and they got me the number and price in a couple of minutes. Hope this helps.
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    Wanted:  Used Jib Furling System

    If you have a used jib furling kit for 14.2, give me a call.
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    "Sailing with motor attached"

    Outboard Placement Jim, I have mine on a bracket which puts the motor out about 8" from the transom. I tried mounting on the transom, but my motor is a short shaft. I can take some pics and email back to you. Send me your email address to: I will email them back...
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    "Sailing with motor attached"

    Outboard Motor I have my 3.5 Toshiba on starboard side. I raise it up on tilt when sailiing. I have had my traveler get caught on the motor during a tack. I use a motor mount that is not adjustable and I have had to lower the motor down so not to come out if I move forward during motoring...
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    WTB: Capri 14.2 or similar in Midwest

    Capri for Sale Go to: www.sailingtexas. Com look for boats for sale 1999 listed at $2610 capnron #701