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    broken fiberglass

    Warren, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm relieved to find out that the wood dimensions don’t seem too large or overly complicated. I’d have to check for sure, but I think my Capri is about 10 years old or more – but generally in good shape. How old is yours? Does yours have a small storage...
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    broken fiberglass

    Some of you may remember me from a few years ago...I posted a thread regarding broken fiberglass around the mast tabernacle of my 14.2. I was sailing away when I heard a cracking sound sail coming from the base of the mast. Apparently, there must be some sort of support under the fiberglass –...
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    Broken Tabernacle Support

    While sailing yesterday, I heard a most unpleasant, high-pitched cracking sound coming from the mast tabernacle. Upon close inspection, I noticed tiny cracks in the fiberglass around the stainless steel tabernacle where the bottom of the mast bolts on. After gently returning to the dock I...