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    FOR SALE: CAPRI 14.2

    FOR SALE: Capri 14.2, 1998 model, which I bought new in 1999 from South Shore Marina (with Magic Tilt trailer), and have sailed at the Nyack Boat Club ever since. A description of the Capri 14.2 is at A nice optional feature...
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    Plugging the Drain Holes

    On October 5 I posted an item entitled, "Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes". I appreciate the useful comments that resulted. But these dealt only with the first part, namely that it is hard to get back on board after a capsize, and that a boarding ladder is very helpful in such situations...
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    Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes

    Anti-Turtling Flotation Device I bought the anti-turtling device (a flotation sleeve that fits over the head of the mainsail) about six years ago. It listed at $139. I don't know if it is still available, but I'd guess it is, since it was new when I ordered it.
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    Capsizing, Boarding, and Drain Holes

    This is about recovering from a capsize, mainly about getting back into the boat. But first, some background. A few years ago, while sailing single-handed on the Tappen Zee, I capsized my Capri for the first time. The boat turtled immediately, before I could do anything. A motorboater took me...