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    Explain Please!!!

    Has anyone done this?? So you eliminate the use of a the traveler? ________ Herbal vaporizer
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    Help with boom

    I have seen on the forum a while back a notice of a line that holds up the boom. Can someone tell me were on the mast does it attach and how, and where on the boom does it attach and how. Finally, is it a wire line or rope line. The boom in the cockpit when the sails are down is getting old...
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    Boat Modifications

    battery Larry, Where did you get that solar battery charger? ________ WEBSITE HOST
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    I love looking at great sailboat websites and reading all the information about sailboats. I do not see a specific area for photos on the capri site. Has this ever been considered? I think it gives people ideas about their own boats and also gives outsiders a look into the boat if intrested...
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    Sail down, boom up?

    boomkicker scott, Look at for your boomkicker on the menu on the left go down to boom vangs and click on rigid, I believe they have the one you need for less than $60. ________ Box Vaporizer
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    suggestions for spring!!!

    paul and ed paul do you have a size on the rigging (diameter)? ed , 2 things can you lubricate the jam cleats? I have the capri owners manual/rigging guide as well as the constitution and bylaws of racing, is the handbook different? ________ F1 642
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    suggestions for spring!!!

    I'm going to throw this out there since it's cold in upstate ny and we are getting a foot foot of snow tonight... I'm thinking spring. I am a new member on the forum and have an old capri mod 1 (1987) hull # 1807. I have not sailed the boat in 10 years and at that it has only been sailed...